Elementor 3.0 has been released

Our very favourite WordPress site builder, Elementor has been updated to the new version 3.0 and it’s available now with all ReadyPress subscriptions!

The major features introduced in this update are:

  • New “Design System”
  • New Theme Builder features
  • Site performance improvements

Design System

The Elementor team has introduced the concept of a ‘Design System’ which is essentially about managing all aspects of your overall brand design in one single location, so you aren’t making multiple changes all over your site.

"Implementing design system capabilities enables you to design and edit new and existing websites lightning fast, cut through workflows and shortening time-to-market while maintaining brand and visual consistency."

The aim here is that your website remains consistent all the way through, and you don’t need to manage the colors, fonts and styles individually on each page.

Elementor’s Design System Features include:

  • New Site Settings panel – including site identity, lightbox settings, theme styles and more
  • Global Colors
  • Global Fonts

Theme Builder Updates

Ok, so Elementor already includes a built in ‘theme builder’ feature, which allows you to create and style certain parts of your website (such as what does a blog post look like, what does a product page look like, etc) but this change has introduced some really cool new features to the existing theme builder.

In Elementors words it’s “a single place to manage your ENTIRE site in a visual and intuitive way.”

The new Theme Builder will allow you to glance over your entire site structure visually. See which parts are active and which are not, manage which template applies to different areas of your website, and have easy access to change, update or add content as you please.

Each site part gets an automatic image preview and a screenshot of the actual template. This lets you get a visual ‘birds-eye-view’ of your entire site, so you can pinpoint the exact template you wish to edit.

There’s probably a bit too much to cover in this post, but the Elementor team has released a video tutorial showing you how it works. 



Performance Improvements

I’m not going to cover much of the technical detail here, but suffice to say that Elementor 3.0 is designed to speed up page load times by reducing a number of complex operations which have previously caused some sites to run slower than they should. 

Pages and sites created using Elementor should see an improvement in speed based on the way the new update renders CSS and looks for dynamic content embedded in your pages (yawn, yes mumbo jumbo) but suffice to say it’s overall a good thing. 

Combining Elementors new  updates with ReadyPress’s awesome built in hosting and local support, you won’t experience any issues with page load times or poor performance (or at least we can help you if you do).


Have a go yourself!

Once again, the amazing team at Elementor continues to lead the way in providing an amazing suite of tools for your website projects. You can find out more by reading their detailed release document here. Together with ReadyPress, you can signup and start creating your very own website today. We take care of all the setup and hard work for you, so you can jump straight into designing and building something of your own!

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