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Hosting your site with ReadyPress means that you never have to worry about dealing with hosting providers ever again. We have everything you need packaged together, and include all the performance and features you would expect.

The best of the web

Never worry about WordPress hosting again.

Our dedicated hosting platform has been purpose built specifically for ReadyPress sites, and you won’t be disappointed with your site’s overall performance and speed. All ReadyPress sites also come included with SSL certificates for extra security, as well the most advanced configuration optimized for speed, security, and the flexibility WordPress sites require.

AutoSSL Certificates

ReadyPress sites come preconfigured with SSL certificates for your security.

Php 7.4

The latest PHP versions and all updates are available the moment they're released.

MySQL 5.7

The world's most popular database gives you proven performance and reliability.


Emails triggered to and from your site will be delivered reliably using SendGrid's API.


All ReadyPress sites are hosted and supported right here on Australian soil.

HeatShield Firewall

We keep malicious traffic away from your site by protecting you with our security firewall.


HTTP/2 allows the transfer of a web page images, stylesheets, and scripts to be delivered faster.


With Nginx as your public-facing web server, your sites get the speed, scalability, and security of Nginx.


All requests are proxied to a local instance of Apache so sites leverage Apache's advanced configurability.

ReadyPress proudly partners with the following service providers to ensure our hosting service is fast, flexible, stable and secure.
The freedom to create

Create a site with all this and more.

Professional Templates

We've got over 110 templates in our ever growing library, suitable for any type business.

Preconfigured Setup

As well as giving you all the design features, we also look after every aspect of the technical setup for you.

Community Support

ReadyPress has a growing community of users allowing you to connect and get help and design tips along the way.

Mobile Optimised

All our sites come mobile optimised and responsive across all devices so you don't have to worry.

SEO Ready

Getting found online is important in any business, and our helpful guides will make this easy for you.

E-Commerce Enabled

Our E-commerce templates include everything you need to create an online store and start selling.

Advanced Design Features

Your ReadyPress subscription includes unlimited access to world leading design tools to make your site pop.

Custom Domain Name

Connect your own domain name to your ReadyPress site in minutes with our super easy connection wizard.

Browser Caching

We've got over 110 templates in our ever growing library, suitable for any business

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