Hooray! We’re finally live!

Introducing ReadyPress! After many months of development and hair pulling, we are finally ready to bring you the first publicly available version of ReadyPress. Designed to drastically simplify and improve the process for those getting started with WordPress and web design in general, we have done a lot of homework on what is required to get from nothing to something very quickly.

So what actually is it?

ReadyPress is a subscription based service which bundles together all of the necessary components of a WordPress website, and in fact, everything you need to get your business online. Included in the subscription is:

  • A fully automated and securely setup WordPress site with all of the technical setup taken care of for you, so you don’t have to tinker with any settings.
  • Access to over 100 predesigned website templates which you can deploy at anytime (you can switch anytime you like).
  • Drag and drop web design capability thanks to Elementor Pro page builder which is included in your subscription.
  • Preconfigured E-commerce capability for those looking to create an online store.
  • Additional components for your website to enhance your designs even further thanks to a range of additional included plugins.
  • Fully hosted within Australia including backups and technical support.

And why did we think to do it?

ReadyPress started off as an internal project inside parent company Rope Digital and was assembled

Services such as Elementor and its various 3rd party add-ons have been a real game changer for WordPress sites over the last 18 months or so. They have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for designers and developers to create amazing websites inside WordPress, and many successfully freelancers and agencies have built a healthy pipeline of sales off the back of it. Awesome! But for those who lack the technical knowledge, or are looking for a quick start solution have often found themselves a bit stuck or unable to bridge the gap.

The site builders of the world (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc) have become the go-to place for many DIY website creators. (i.e. small business owners) but support groups, forums, Facebook posts, the community at large all agree that WordPress continues to be the platform to build your website. Why? Because its open, supported, maintained, cheap, flexible and frankly has the capability to do anything you need it to. There’s no question it’s awesome, but for the layperson out there, there is still a barrier to entry which is difficult to overcome.

Hosting, plugins, themes, templates, security, domains, caching, the terms go on and on. Some someone with the relatively simple objective of “I just want to design my site” there is still lots to consider. Where do I host it, who’s the best one, how much does it cost, what are plugins, what theme is best, is it secure, what the hell is a permalink anyway? etc, etc. All of this leads many to be confused and overwhelmed with the whole concept of designing a simple website for their small business, and often paying someone thousands of dollars is out of the question.

…so, we thought we could make the whole process more simple. All of those things mentioned before are done for you as soon as you signup to ReadyPress. In fact, here is a list of everything we do :

  • Provision a hosting instance for your site to live
  • Setup a SQL database for your WordPress site
  • Install a fresh copy of WordPress
  • Remove the default WordPress plugins
  • Remove all the outdated default WordPress themes
  • Delete unnecessary WordPress widgets
  • Remove sample Posts and pages (like Hello world)
  • We update the site tagline and site description
  • Adjust the default comments settings to help reduce spam
  • Configure the appropriate permalinks to make your pages link correctly
  • Set the correct timezone and country settings for you
  • Install the appropriate theme used by ReadyPress sites
  • Download and install Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins
  • Then we download and install the other supporting plugins which make ReadyPress function
  • We activate and verify licensing for all premium plugins
  • We then ensure that your site has the most up to date plugins available
  • SSL certificates are installed for your site
  • Your site URL is updated to make use of the SSL certificate so your site is secure
  • Then, after all that, we work on bringing in your site template which you choose at signup
  • Including all the images, videos, menu items, pages, icons, fonts.
  • After all that, we setup some browser caching to make sure your site runs quickly
  • We update the main admin email to your own personal email address
  • And then we send you an email telling you it’s all done and you get started editing your new site!

If all goes well (and it always does), you get your site all setup and ready for you in about 2 minutes. Fully hosted and ready to go.

We genuinely believe that creating a website with ReadyPress is the fastest possible way to get a fully functioning website up and running, and we would invite you to have a go and see for yourself.

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